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Preconception & Fertility Consultation

Stephanie Etienne, CNM, MPH

Are you thinking about having a baby in the next year, but don’t know how to prepare? Are you worried it may be difficult for you to get pregnant? 

This one-on-one session is for you. 

According to the CDC, Preconception Health is the medical care a person receives from health professionals that addresses the aspects of health that have been shown to increase the chances of having a healthy baby. 

Our Preconception Health Consultation uses a personalized and holistic approach to help mamas prepare for the possibility of having a baby. This consultation consists of a thorough review of your gynecological history, fertility tracking, and the identification of possible obstacles to fertility. We will also address any medical, mental, emotional, spiritual concerns, and any questions you may have.

Pregnancy Consultation

Are you newly pregnant, but unsure of how to prepare for the journey ahead? Do you have questions your doctor just isn’t answering? 

Our pregnancy consultation is for mamas and birthing persons either in early pregnancy or at a point of transition in their pregnancy who are interested in creating a supportive birth team and birth plan to assist in their upcoming childbirth. The aim of this consultation is to connect you with various resources and inform you of the alternatives to the conventional medical model of care.

Holistic Childbirth Education

Are you pregnant and looking for childbirth support? Do you dream of giving birth on your own terms? Do you believe that birth should be a sacred and safe space?

Register for our evidence-based virtual class, Courageous Birth: Holistic Childbirth Education, to become well-informed about the birthing process and the postpartum period, no matter if you are a first time mother/parent and or an experienced one.

Courageous Birth will prepare you and your family to have an empowered and grounded holistic birth experience. 

Topics covered include:

  • The 3rd Trimester: Preparing your mind, body and spirit for labor
  • The stages of labor
  • Labor management, medical and nonmedical interventions
  • Comfort measures in labor
  • Developing birth and contingency plans
  • Self-advocacy tools
  • Healthy nutrition and herbal support for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Identifying your community of support
  • Postpartum & lactation resources 

Childbirth Consultation

Our Childbirth Consultation is perfect for expecting mamas, birthing persons, and parents who prefer receiving one-on-one holistic support from a certified midwife throughout the perinatal period to help be prepared for their birthing experience and the postpartum period.

Herbalism Consultation

Are you interested in learning about how natural herbs can comfort and heal you throughout your pregnancy journey and beyond? 

Our one-on-one Herbalism Consultation explores the spiritual, physical, and emotional shifts you desire and explains how the power of herbs can help you achieve them. Using plant medicine, we will create a personalized and simple to integrate protocol based on your needs and goals. Plant medicines may include tinctures, elixirs, and fresh and dried tea formulas. 

Postpartum Support Group

Community is essential throughout the parenting journey, and most especially within the first year. 

Have you been looking for ways to connect with other mamas going through similar experiences as you? Are you looking to gain insight, reassurance, and guidance as you navigate parenthood? Are you looking to be part of a safe space for support from the comfort of your own home?

Join our virtual support group each Tuesday, and use this time to connect, to be held, uplifted, supported, and nurtured by your village. 

Postnatal Doula Care

The role of a postnatal or postpartum doula is to provide the new mama or birthing person with a satisfying transition to parenthood. Considered the art of “mothering the mother”, the role of the doula has deep ancestral roots and is vital to providing physical and emotional support, along with tender loving care to the new parent.

With our postnatal care, we honor your cultural traditions and the various traditional practices that hold sovereign and sacred space for your emotional, spiritual, and physical wellbeing.

This type of care has been proven to help reduce your risk of postpartum depression, ease your transition to breastfeeding your baby, and build your strength and confidence in your abilities as a new parent. 

Our postnatal support include, but isn’t limited to:


  • Lactation and breast/chest feeding support
  • Wellness checks
  • Providing warm foods and nourishing teas
  • How to identify baby’s needs
  • Closing of the bones and belly binding
  • Sitz baths and body care
  • Looking after baby so birthing parent can rest

Lactation Consultation

Are you interested in nursing your little one, but aren’t sure you’re able to, or need individualized support? 

Breastfeeding, chestfeeding, and general lactation doesn’t look the same for every mama and birthing person, but we’re here to provide you with the individualized lactation/breast/chest/body feeding support to help you achieve your goals. To do this successfully, we take into consideration your specific needs and desires combined with utilizing our collaborative care model to ensure you develop the knowledge and confidence to nourish your little one.

Perinatal Therapy

The journey to parenthood can lead to many complex moments of uncertainty, including you possibly feeling overwhelmed, nervous about your birthing experience, and unsure of your abilities as a mother or parent. These feelings can become so great that you may feel like you can’t manage them alone. 

Our trained practitioners provide perinatal therapy sessions with you and your family to serve as a listening ear, provide guidance and proven tactics to help you overcome your thoughts and concerns, and holistic care to help you feel whole.

Perinatal Wellness Check

The journey to parenthood may be filled with new and unexpected challenges. During pregnancy and after delivery, parents often feel scared, anxious, sad and confused. The Bloom Collective believes that every birthing person deserves to receive individual care, resources, and non judgemental support. Our perinatal care does not end with pregnancy. Shortly after giving birth*, a licensed mental health therapist from the Bloom Collective will be inviting you to participate in a confidential postpartum wellness call. During the wellness call, birthing persons are invited to share their birth story, explore their emotional wellness, identify areas where they may need assistance, and offer postpartum therapy, lactation consultations, or group connections. While the postpartum wellness call is completely optional, we encourage our parents to receive comprehensive postpartum care during the “fourth trimester” and beyond. 

*grief support is available for those who experience miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss